So what is it that you love about your rug? Was it passed down to you from your grandmother? Or did you snag up on a trip, seeing it would make for a great reminder of a monumental vacation?

What we do know is that being here is not an aimless act.

You’re here because you care about your home’s health and well-being. As a homeowner, it makes sense that natural rug cleaning would be important to you. 

After all, harsh chemicals can do a number on your home and rug. And unfortunately, most items on the ingredient list found in non-natural cleaning chemicals can be detrimental to both human and animal health. 

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Give your family and home some extra love and care by watching out for those chemicals. Natural, chemical-free rug cleaning doesn’t have to equate to a lack of thorough cleaning. You can get the job done while staying safe and clear of harmful chemical vapors.

Natural rug cleaning — how does it work?

When it comes to rug cleaning, you want a rug cleaning technician who takes a natural approach. Before we delve into how it works, let’s look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of natural rug cleaning

There are numerous benefits that come with natural rug cleaning. 

  • Better for your health. Leveraging all-natural chemical-free rug cleaning is good for everybody’s health. It’s good for your health, your kid’s health — and it’s even good for your pet’s health. Keep harmful chemicals away from your beloved family members and pets.
  • Better for the environment. In using natural rug cleaning methods, you can mitigate your footprint on the environment. Be a good steward of the world you live in by choosing environmentally-friendly cleaning methods.
  • Better for your rug. Natural rug cleaning will keep your carpet clean and free of harsh chemicals. For your carpet’s longevity, this is good news. You want to have your rug cleaned regularly to get at the dirt and grime that gets trapped in the fiber. But harsh chemicals can damage your rug over time.

How does natural rug cleaning work?

In the event you think rug cleaning is simple, think again. While it is simple in some regards, it’s not as simple as you think.

Consider the type of material

First of all, you have an obligation to consider the type of material used for the rug – before you set to work. Each rug is different and holds a purpose and deep-seated meaning in the eyes of a homeowner.

Various spools of yarn

The approach to cleaning your rug is contingent on the type of material and its construction. Many rug cleaning situations merit treatments similar to upholstery cleaning.

How soiled is your rug?

In some situations, the rug will require cleaning by immersion and off-site treatment. Oftentimes, a neutral shampoo will get the job done. If your rug isn’t in dire straits, pounding out the dust will do the job. For something that’s a little more intense, be aware of pH levels and how it interacts with your rug fiber.

Be aware of the color

Test your rug to see if the color will bleed. The last thing you want to do is ruin your rug by letting it stay wet too long. Have a plan for quick-drying action.

Choose dry carpet cleaning

For some deep cleaning action, call in your professional carpet cleaning company. We’re big advocates for dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning employs little moisture for quick-drying action. This reduces the probability of mold making its home in your rug.

Eco-friendly cleaning crystals

With the proper eco-friendly cleaning crystals and solutions, a dry carpet cleaning method will keep your rug clean without harming your home with chemicals.

Treat your rug with care: embrace natural cleaning methods

As a homeowner, it’s right that you would want to care for your investment or item of sentimental value. Maybe your rug has been passed down through generations. Maybe it’s something you picked up last year as a welcome addition to your home’s decor.

Whatever the case may be, take charge of your rug and home health. There’s no place like home — so give it the extra care it merits. A rug isn’t just a bit of cloth. It’s a reflection of your taste, style, and family story. 

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