In the life of a pet owner, the thought of a pet throwing up or having an “accident” on your home’s floor is disheartening. 

After all, that means dealing with cleaning and up and battling with the remaining odors that linger. It’s rather agonizing to clean up after your pet and later find that an odor is clinging fiercely to your oriental rug. 

“How can I get animal odors out of my oriental rug?”

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If you’re asking yourself that question, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the answer.

Time is of the essence

Now, it’s not a pleasant topic – we get it. But it’s a necessary topic. However much you love your pet and cherish its place in your home, your pet’s odors aren’t welcom in your home. Which means that pet ownership comes with challenges such as removing odors from your oriental rug.

What’s the best way to remove these offensive odors?

Well, when any offending matter touches your oriental rug, you need to spring into action. Time is of the essence. The longer you let an odor-creating substance rest on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove it. This is bad news if you’re not home when the pet accident occurs. 

Time is ticking. Soon as you notice evidence of a pet’s sour stomach or lack of self-control, mop it up with paper towels or rags

How to handle wet stains

Wet stains can produce an overwhelming smell (and sometimes sight!). So it’s imperative that you’re quick to handle these issues left behind by pets. 

If your stains are fresh and wet, soak up all you can with paper towels. You can use paper towels and then add layers of newspaper over the paper towels to absorb it all. Add pressure. Remove the paper towels and newspapers and repeat the process as necessary until you’ve removed much of the moisture. 

Spritz some cool water and blot it up so as to “rinse” the affected area.

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Now it’s time to find something that will neutralize the offending odor. 

First, try baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the offending zone, let it sit for a while, then vacuum it up. Another tip is to expose your oriental rug to sunshine. Sunshine will help evaporate the smells.

If these options don’t work, move on to the alternate idea shared at the end of the next section.

How to handle dry stains

If your odors are dried into the oriental rug, begin by vacuuming the area first. 

Now that you’ve vacuumed up your problem zone, it’s time for the next step.

Note that it’s in your pet’s best interest that you stay away from harsh chemicals. Your pets and your household will appreciate your environmentally-friendly approach to cleanliness. 

In addition to trying the techniques shared at the end of the previous section, get your hands on an enzymatic cleaner. An enzymatic cleaner will neutralize your odor and provide an all-natural solution. Test it on an inconspicuous area of your rug first. Clean the area with a watered-down vinegar solution then treat it with an enzymatic cleaner. 

Sometimes you need the professionals

In the event that you’re concerned about giving your oriental rug the best care possible, call in the professionals. Professional rug cleaners will know how to handle your material and remove the odor in a fashion that doesn’t inflict damage.

Your oriental rug is not a cheap, expendable item. And it’s something that most people hope to see be passed on to the next generation and generation after that. We understand its preservation is important to you. That’s where an experienced rug cleaning technician can step in and take care of your rug with expertise. 

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If the odor is stubborn and won’t be removed with consumer products, the professionals will have what they need to get the job done. Rest at ease, they’ll have your oriental rug smelling and looking fresher and better than ever. 

Accidents happen. Be prepared.

If your pet messed up your oriental rug, take heart.

Even the best of well-trained pups and felines make mistakes. Whatever the case may be, responsible pet and homeownership compel you to embrace preparedness. Rather than waiting for an accident to happen, keep ahead of the game by knowing how to clean up after your pet. And know how to remove the odors that stick around to plague your nostrils and contaminate your rugs. 

We talked about removing animal odors out of your oriental rug. Now check out the dos and dont’s of cleaning oriental rugs. An oriental rug is no small investment. Give it the care it merits.