As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, for some people, rugs can be prized possessions. And if a rug is an precious item to its owner, it makes sense that he or she would want to keep the special piece in the best shape possible. But what happens when the rug gets damaged? Maybe it was snagged or torn. Maybe it was accidentally cut with a knife or scissors (don’t ask us how, but it’s happened!).

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No matter what the exact circumstances of the damage, most oriental/fine woven rug owners would like to know how to get their injured rugs fixed. Today we’re going to get you started with five questions you should ask before getting your rug repaired. Some of these questions should be directed straight at the repair person, and others should be asked before you bring your rug to the experts. Let’s dive in!

1 – Is my rug worth repairing?

This is the first question you should ask when it comes to rug repair. Depending on what kind of rug you have, the repair may be more expensive than the rug itself. 

Here are a few things to think about when considering rug repair. How much did the rug cost originally? Does it have sentimental value? Are repairs worth it? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to figure out if repair is your next step. 

Very expensive fine woven rugs are almost always worth repairing, as long as the damage isn’t too significant. But the decision of whether to repair or not is always up to the owner. If the rug means a lot to you, repairing is most likely your best option!

2 – When should my rug be repaired?

Your second question might be, “When should my rug be repaired?” This can be a difficult question if you’re not sure to what extent your rug has been damaged. Many places suggest having your oriental rug repaired every 5-10 years, even if there is no damage. This will keep your rug in optimal shape for years to come.

But if your rug has been damaged, we suggest seeking repair help immediately. Because of the intricacy of fine woven and oriental rugs, one small bit of damage could end up unweaving a large mess of problems. In the meantime, try to minimize the amount of traffic over your rug. This will ensure that your rug’s injury doesn’t get bigger. 

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3 – Where should I take my rug?

This next question competes for the position of most important question. Where and to whom you take your rug will determine the destiny of your rug over time. A rug owner’s worst nightmare is bringing their rug somewhere where it won’t get the best of care. 

When you explore your options for where to bring your rug for repair, there are a few key things to research. First, if you know anyone else who has a fine woven rug, ask them for their suggestions. If you don’t, the internet is your best friend. Doing as much research as possible on rug repair places before you go is vital to a good experience. 

You want to find a place with plenty of good reviews and high ratings. If other rug owners have taken their rugs for repair and rated the service highly, you can be more sure your rug repair experience will go well. 

4 – How much will it cost?

Here is another great question to ask before the repair starts. Or even before you decide on your repairer. Oriental rug repair can be very expensive. Depending on your rug size, you may pay up to $800. Therefore, knowing the price before you give your rug to someone for repair is important. 

Many rug repair companies will give you an estimate, which is fabulous. If they seem to want to hide the price, be sure to ask them outright. Because it’s your rug, it’s your right to know what the end price will be. Ask about hidden fees and the like. You don’t wnat to get stuck with a less-than-best rug repairer!

5 – Will the repairs be noticeable?

Of course it’s sad when your rug gets damaged and needs repair. But what’s even more disappointing is ending up with a “repaired” rug that doesn’t meet your standards. This could be caused by the wrong kind of repair or simply by a bad repair job. Before you get your rug repaired, we would suggest asking your specialist the question, “Will the repairs be noticeable?” 

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While some rugs are too far gone for fully concealed repairs, other rugs just need some extra TLC from a rug repair company that cares. If one repair company tells you they can not repair without the result being noticeable, checking with a different repair place would be highly suggested. 

Tread with care

When it comes to fine woven rugs, treading carefully on them – and on their repairs – is key. This means that being aware of your rug’s needs is a big deal. Don’t just bring your rug to any repair place. Instead, be sure you know how and where to get the best care for your rug. In the meantime, get to know your rug even better by learning about the history of this beautiful household decor piece.